Chuck Close is still a blog magnet

Newvine Growing’s audience is growing each month, but I still have Chuck Close to thank for lot of my visitors.

I blogged about artist Chuck Close’s reinvention back in January, just a few weeks after launching this new effort, and that entry continues to lead many people here. Maybe even you?

Here’s a sample of some search terms that landed people here on Sunday:

  • chuck close — 14 (that’s the number of people who searched that term, then chose to come to Newvine Growing)
  • chuck close paintings — 3
  • vanishing point art –2
  • chuck close eye –1
  • chuck close close up– 1
  • chuck close gallery–1
  • vanishing point–1
  • chuck close self portrait close up–1

That’s not every single search term in my blog stats, but it’s enough of a trend that I continue to find it fascinating. What is it about Chuck Close that’s generating that many searches, and that’s leading searchers to chose my write up?

Anyone want to comment?


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