Running off to join the circus

Sure to be a Twitter three-ring circus

Sure to be a Twitter three-ring circus

Just how much of a media nerd am I?

As John and I wrapped up a four-day mini-vacation in Virginia and I surfed wifi on the Bolt bus returning home, I couldn’t wait to get back to New York for the Mediabistro Circus.

Tuesday and Wednesday, is hosting a who’s who conference on digital tools and trends that are changing media. I’m hoping I can keep some measure of composure and not act like a total fangirl when I meet:

  • ELISA CAMAHORT PAGE, co-founder of BlogHer — a guide to and resource for women’s blogs
  • MICHAEL SILBERMAN, general manager of — have you picked up from my blog how much I adore New York magazine?
  • JOHN BYRNE, editor in chief of — John sets the bar high for how established media can use new media to better engage their readers 
  • GARY VAYNERCHUK, host of Wine Library TV — Gary is a force of nature who sells wine using online videos, Facebook, Twitter and boundless enthusiasm for his craft. I blogged about him back in February and I grow ever more awed at what he’s doing.

That’s just the start. Check out the full roster of speakers here.

If you’re as much of a digital media geek as I am but couldn’t make it to the conference, or if you’re marginally interested and just want to sample some ideas, check out the Circus blog. You might want to check it out just for the photos of Cirque du Soleil performing at the New York Times.


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