Sleep your way to creativity

Sleeping Lion

Maybe the key to success isn't working hard but taking a nice cat nap?

I look forward to weekends as an opportunity to sleep in. During the week, I often get too little sleep and weekends are my chance to catch up.

Maybe that’s why I liked this article headlined How to sleep and daydream your way to success. I slept in this morning and instead of feeling guilty about it, maybe I should feel it’s my investment in success?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs defines creativity as “just connecting things.” The notion that creativity results from seeing connections between seemingly unrelated things is spot on, and is an easier task for those with lower associative barriers.

In other words, the connections are always there, but it’s easier for some to see them than others. Why is that?

You’ve likely heard that an “incubation” period is critical to creativity and problem solving. Research now shows that sleep is a major facilitator to lowering associative barriers while you allow potential solutions to marinate.

Do you feel more creative when you get enough sleep — do you come up with good ideas when you’re drifting off, in your dreams or the next day? Or do you feel that sleep gets in the way of doing the work that leads to inspiration — keep at it and you’ll get the job done?


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