An idea worth stealing: Sponsor A Day

MediaPost recently had an article about a Florida guy named Jason Sadler who is making money from a simple but compelling idea:

The idea was simple, if sartorially limiting: Sadler, 27, decided that on Jan. 1, 2009, he would wear a company’s logo t-shirt all day, broadcasting video and photos of himself on various social media, including and Twitter for $1. On Jan. 2, he would do the same, charging $2, and so forth, until he got to Dec. 31, when the price would be $365. (We’ll spare you the math: He has earned $70,000 this year — $66,795 in shirt-wearing fees, with the rest from other contests and deals.)

In case you, like me, need proof that Jason's plan adds up to almost $67,000 a year, Excel makes it real.

In case you, like me, need proof that Jason's plan adds up to almost $67,000 a year, Excel makes it real.

Jason, who looks like Nicolas Cage’s younger brother, can be seen in his daily T-shirts at

I’m enough of a math nerd that I had to run the numbers myself. I opened up an Excel worksheet, autopopulated one column with days of the year from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, autopopulated the other column with dollar amounts from $1 to $365, then summed up the money — and yup, there it is, nearly $67,000.

Now I can’t get this idea out of my head. I could offer sponsors a really cheap way to reach a targeted audience and potentially generate more than I made in a year at my last job? Even though my audience is small, it seems like an easy sell to a career coach, a recruiter or author of self-help books that if you’d like to reach an audience of people reading about life change, maybe you’d like to spend $23 to do that? Or you’re a gym and you’d like to spring for the entire month of January for less than $500?

I’m seriously considering this for 2010. How would you feel about reading this blog if it had one sponsor a day?


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  1. I’d do it, and sponsors would be lucky to have you sport their logos.

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