Day Seven: What stops you from being grateful?

Leading up to Thanksgiving, each day I will blog about what I’m doing to be more grateful. I invite you to join me, and to share your thoughts, observations, suggestions and ideas.

Day Seven: What stops you from being grateful?

stop in the name of love

Oak Lawn, Ill. has a sense of humor about its stop signs.

I know I’m pretty doggone lucky. I know I should be grateful for all my many blessings.

But sometimes, let’s be honest, I’m not.

It’s not just that I sometimes take my good fortune for granted. Plenty of other things get in the way:

  • Sometimes I’m too frustrated by people and things to be grateful.
  • Wanting what I don’t have can keep me from being grateful for what I do have.
  • Regrets keep me wishing I could change the past instead of giving thanks for the present.

Any of this sound familiar?

This week I’m going to spend some time focusing on the things that stop me from being grateful. I’d love to hear what stops you.

If you’re just joining the Month of Thanksgiving

As a quick recap, I kicked off a Month of Thanksgiving a week ago. Some of the things I’m doing include:


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  1. Out-of-scale frustration with petty annoyances and self-pity. That’s what occasionally stops me from being grateful for what truly matters. Hey, I’m human. I’m workin on it!


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