Day 24: Giving thanks for simple pleasures


My artist husband, John Tebeau, did a painting series last year called Simple Pleasures. It celebrated a cup of coffee in the morning, a backyard barbecue and the first snow of the winter, among other things. Click here to read more.


Leading up to Thanksgiving, each day I will blog about what I’m doing to be more grateful. I invite you to join me in a Month of Thanksgiving, and to share your thoughts, observations, suggestions and ideas.

Day 24: Giving thanks for the simple pleasures in life

Many Thanksgiving dinners I’ve been part of have included everyone going around the table to share what they’re grateful for.

Typically the objects of gratitude include family, health and abundant food — which makes a lot of sense. If everyone at the table only gets time to name one item, you don’t want to look like an ass when you profess your love of your new red heels or fountain Coke at McDonald’s.

So today’s the day I’m celebrating simple pleasures, purposely giving thanks for silly little things that I’m really grateful for. Yes, I’m so deeply grateful for the love of my husband, for friends I can count on, my education, my job and for an upcoming trip home to visit family.

But today isn’t about the significant, profound concerns of life. Today is about my gratitude for:

  • sleeping in on weekends
  • the light in my closet, which lets me see deep into the corners even when John’s still asleep
  • the big east-facing windows in my office, with the view of the Empire State Building and morning sunshine
  • the smell of autumn leaves and wood fires
  • the view of New York Harbor (including the Statue of Liberty) from the Brooklyn Promenade, just a few blocks from our apartment
  • John balancing our checkbook and paying our bills, so I don’t have to
  • having inherited my mom’s metabolism, so I can eat a lot and not get fat (though it’s admittedly slowing down as I get older. drat.)
  • the frequency with which I see talented musicians on the street and the subway in New York
  • that I’ve learned to love things I didn’t used to like, including asparagus, red wine and olives
  • laughing until I snort

Making this list made me smile. In part because of the inherent silliness of pushing away the A-list sources of gratitude in favor of the small stuff, but also because I realized I could go on all day.

What are the simple pleasures that you’re grateful for?

And don’t forget to share the things you’re grateful for on Facebook, Twitter and your blog for a chance to win Month of Thanksgiving prizes. Read more details here.



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11 replies

  1. Cool blog! I really like that “cuppa coffee” picture. I wonder what would happen if everyone gave thanks multiple times in their day…

  2. I agree whole heartedly with the windows in your office- my office lacks those! And I can’t think of a better smell than that of autumn and burning leaves. Bath and Body Works has a candle that I have been burning religiously called “Leaves” and is the best smelling candle I have ever smelled. You would probably like it!

  3. I’m grateful for my bike, oranges, our automatic coffee maker and Arwulf’s “Sunday Best”, which we can listen to thanks to the interweb.

  4. I make a list like this in my journal before I go to bed every night. 5 simple, specific things I was grateful fo that day. It creates an amazing openness in life.

    Am I a rube for saying I love me a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese meal (hold the onions)? I’m also grateful for my sweet Andy cooking my restaurant quality meals every day.

    I like quoting funny movies with friends, and I’m really grateful for having people around me who “get” my wackiness.

  5. I really LOVE lounging on the couch in the a.m. with a cup of coffee before I go to work (the whole time imagining/pretending I don’t HAVE to go to an office job), I surf the net, watch some TiVo maybe, and LOVE not jumping up right away. I’m grateful, that I have a job, and a stable one at that when so many are struggling in this state so I feel blessed.

    I also really love my SkullCandy earbuds, they block out the sound around me and I can escape into whatever video, podcast or music I’m immersed in.

    Foodwise, one of the simplest pleasures I know (courtesy of my mom, Helene) is corn. Corn tortillas either in the toaster or over an open flame, with a little butter, or hominy canned or fresh with a little salt and butter. Yum. It satisfies, and the flavors/smells bring instant memories of my childhood and my mom, who I love!

  6. The yummy bread they give you with your salad at Cosi; Sharpie pens; fires in the fireplace in our house (also the hot tub at said same locale); friends with awesome blogs.


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