My life goals in painting form

My fabulous artist husband, John Tebeau, is doing a painting of me with a few of my favorite things: friends, food, music. The central image is me with my Jazz Fest second line parasol.

After I blogged about New Year’s resolutions, several of you asked the fair question: what are MY resolutions?

The honest answer is I’m still working on my big-picture 2010 goals. I’ve started with some tactical changes: commenting on one other blog every day, doing some form of exercise every day, taking better care of my health.

I have a comprehensive vision statement that touches how I want the professional, personal, creative and relationship components of my life to fit together and I’m giving that a thorough review. We’ve been talking a lot lately about our long-term plans for our life so I’m making sure my goals document is in sync.

Meantime, John is working on a real big picture for me. It’s what he and I have called a spell painting, but you could also call it a wish painting or his interpretation of the popular vision board.

He’s doing a portrait of me surrounded by images of things I like having in my life: good food, happy music, socializing with friends, big dogs. In the center, me with my Jazz Fest parasol. It’s a visual reminder of my life priorities and what makes my heart feel good.

Like Julie Andrews singing My Favorite Things in painting form.

If you had a painting of your favorite things, what would it look like?


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6 replies

  1. would you just look at that photo with the parasol? you are truly beautiful, inside and out. what a great shot of you.

  2. Thanks so much, Lydia.

    It means the world to me to know people are reading and getting something out of this. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for passing along my blog to your friends.

    Any topics you’re especially interested in?


  3. Colleen – have been reading your wonderful blog for awhile now -cannot recall how I stumbled upon it, but am so glad that I did! Each post is thought-provoking and motivational. . . I have passed your blog along to a number of friends who agree that you have a terrific style. Thank you!


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