Mark Bittman’s many jobs before becoming my food writer idol

I love Mark Bittman’s food writing. He makes cooking unintimidating. Even recipes with fancy or unfamiliar ingredients feel accessible because he explains it all so clearly.

His book How to Cook Everything is my go-to when I’m trying to figure out how long to cook salmon or the best way to store raspberries.

This video is a great example of Bittman’s style. Note that there are no measurements and his approach is more a concept that could be applied multiple ways:

Some of my favorite Bittman resources:

Because I admire him and the way he does his job, I was especially excited to find this video with Bittman talking about the many other jobs he’s done, besides being a food writer:

Earlier this week I said I’m hoping to interview author Richard Russo for my blog. I would also love to talk to Mark Bittman. So I’m putting these declarations out there on my 2010 to-do list.

One final Bittman video, this one is him talking for about 20 minutes about how Americans eat and why it needs to change. Bittman has a new book out called Food Matters that fits into the Omnivore’s Dilemma niche in explaining the errors of our ways and proposing some solutions. So this video is not about Bittman’s career evolution but instead about the transformation he’s hoping our society will make in its eating habits.


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