Kathy Griffin succeeds by following her own path

Kathy Griffin’s humor is not for everyone. She’s bawdy — both in her choice of topics and in the way she talks about them.

But if you’re not easily offended, Griffin’s self-effacing, celebrity-slaying humor might work for you. Like, oh, her Emmy acceptance speech that not only doesn’t thank God but specifically says Jesus was in no way responsible for her success.

Here she talks about that scandal on Larry King:

Her bio says she’s best known for her four years on Suddenly Susan, but today she’s set herself apart from other sitcom actresses by starring in the Bravo reality show My Life On the D List, which makes fun of her hard work to scratch out some measure of fame, and by appealing to a gay audience, hosting the Gay Porn Awards and advocating for gay rights.

(HUGE warning that the clip from the Gay Porn Awards is so not appropriate for work.)

She co-hosted New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper on CNN, and got buzz for dropping the F bomb on live TV. She knows the value of a good controversy in generating publicity.

Here’s why I want to interview Kathy Griffin: she’s blazing her own trail. As she says in the Larry King interview, she bought her own billboard for D List, not waiting for the system to give her what she wants but throwing herself out there and making it happen. She regularly plays Madison Square Garden so clearly she’s built enough of a fan base that she’s doing something right.


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  1. Kathy and Peter are my two favorite Griffins.

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