Don Draper is a loathsome excuse for a human being

Mad Men is a hypnotizing time capsule with all the smoking and drinking and the great costumes. But oh is Don Draper a creep!

Don Draper is a loathsome excuse for a human being. He’s a serial philanderer who lies to everyone and takes his family for granted, and somehow didn’t lose his job after disappearing for weeks without a phone call or explanation.

Yet, the arrogant user at the center of the cultish series Mad Men inspires women to bat their eyelashes, including several on Twitter who’ve tweeted things like “I’d like to take a meeting with Don Draper. Mmm.”

Really? Because it’d be so great to have an exchange like this one with a guy who shows you so much respect? Here Don and his boss Roger meet with a female client.

Ms. MAGGIE SIFF (Actress): (As Rachel Menken) You are right, Roger. This place really runs on charm.

Mr. JON HAMM (Actor): (As Don Draper) This is ridiculous.

Mr. JOHN SLATTERY (Actor): (As Roger Sterling) Don.

Mr. HAMM: (As Don Draper) I’m not going to let a woman talk to me like this. This meeting is over. Good luck, Ms. Menken.

I’ll momentarily hold aside the sexist power fantasy of Mad Men, a world where professional men openly comment wolfishly on the attractiveness of the subservient secretaries, or in some cases, seduce and/ or marry them.

What is it about Don Draper? It’s not just the period costumes of the stylish series, which typically put him in dapper suits and hats, a real contrast today’s jeans and T-shirt ethos.

I think it’s the swagger. Draper’s supreme confidence is sexy, in spite of what an ass he is.

Much has been made of men typically being attracted to pretty young things, while women are attracted to power and money. I think we women have learned that the men with power and money generally carry themselves like men with power and money.

But ladies, I think there’s a difference between finding a man in a great suit attractive and letting said guy treat us as badly as Don treats Betty. I think one of the most important choices we make in our lives is spending it with a life partner who shows us respect, gives us affection and generally makes our lives better, not worse, for the companionship.

Have you been seduced by swagger?


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4 replies

  1. Also, how is it that SHE is the victim, when SHE throws HIM out of the house and instantly marries another man? Yet he’s the horrible man who “broke up the family”. She broke up the family by forcing the children’s father to move out.

    • Sorry, Ben.

      I realize Betty’s imperfect — as are we all — but if she didn’t have ample evidence of Don’s constant lying and cheating, she might not have wanted to search his desk.

      Betty absolutely made her own mistakes in their marriage and leaving Don for another man is nothing to be proud of.

      But if your husband is always lying so he can spend the night in another woman’s bed, I’m not sure it’s out of line to want him out of your life so you can be with someone who actually wants to be with you.

  2. “Treat us as badly as Don treats Betty”? Jesus. Betty is a hysterical, horrible woman. One example is her total lack of respect for Don’s private life – she hysterically searches through Don’s belongings looking for the key to his private drawer in his desk at home, she just HAS to know what’s in there. She’s just this poor victim, and everyone else is against her.

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