How are you coming on your New Year’s resolutions?

Maybe we can recommit to our resolutions in the early days of Chinese new year? March 1 is a great time to start over.

How are you coming on your New Year’s resolutions?

You were going to go to the gym every day, quit smoking, call your parents once a week, finish your novel. Remember?

If you did great for a week or two then promptly forgot about your fabulous vision for 2010, here’s great news: it’s not too late.

Today is March 1. Exactly two months have passed in the new year, with 10 more to go.

I blogged at the end of December about the Zen Habits approach to making changes in the new year — you pick six habits for the new year and focus on just one for two months at a time.

If you fell apart in January or February, no worries. Maybe you’ll just make five changes this year. That would still be impressive.

I’d give myself a B on my resolutions thus far. I’m commenting on another blog nearly every day, and when I don’t, I try to catch up by doing two or three at a time. I’m exercising most days, though not every day like I aimed. I’m taking better care of my skin and my feet, two problem areas for me, but I could do better.

I didn’t follow Zen Habits advice –I tried to do them all at once — but I still did better than if I hadn’t picked any goals at all. That’s something to be proud of.

Starting March 1, I’m focusing exclusively on exercising every day. If I do the others, that’s a bonus. If not, they’ll get their turn soon enough.

How about you? Do you want to make a mid-year resolution?


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  1. I’ll go for a constitutional with you every evening after dinner! (and yoga on Sunday morn, one of the goals I’m successfully following through on)


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