Certain phrases are just always great to hear

Certain phrases are like music to my ears.

“I love you” is probably at the top of the list, provided it’s from someone I want to have loving me.

Others that closely follow include:

  • The next round is on me.
  • You look great.
  • Take the rest of the day off.

Recently I added a new phrase to that list: “Your lump was benign.”

You might recall that I recently had a lump removed. My doctor assured me repeatedly before the surgery that it felt like fat, not cancer, but we could take it out if I wanted to, which I did.

In a follow-up office visit, my doctor gave me a tiny scare when he started out by saying “The tissue was a little unusual.” I immediately braced for bad news, but let out a happy sigh when he followed with “It was benign.”

Just like he’d expected, it was a glob of fat that started growing too fast. I’d like to use that to explain why some of my clothes got too snug after the holidays, but I think that explanation was less medical and more culinary.

So I got the good news, and took the rest of the afternoon off. My incision is looking pretty great. I guess that means the next round is on me?


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6 replies

  1. Like John said, thanks, all, for your virtual hugs on this.

    Gina, your mom’s story was the nightmare that kept me up at night. Even if it was a .0000001 percent chance, the fact that there was a chance it was up to no good was hanging over me. Now, GONE!

  2. Thanks, you guys. We’re all pretty dang happy about this!

  3. That’s wonderful news!

  4. Good for you for insisting they remove it. Very relieved for you and your family. So glad it was good news.

    Continue to be proactive about your health and monitor it closely.

    A lesson to all women – if there’s ever a concern about a lump, always have it removed. Something similar happened to my mother and she decided not to remove it. Years later it turned out to be malignant. She’s fine now, but it was a long road.

  5. Congratulations. That’s great news!

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