Thank you for spending time with Newvine Growing

This chart shows visits to Newvine Growing on a monthly basis. That peak at the top is May. Can I match it with June? We'll see!

Thanks to visitors like you, Newvine Growing had its best month ever in May.

WordPress provides good insight into my Web traffic, including how many clicks a particular post has gotten and how people found me, including the search terms that might have led you here or a referring site that included a link here.

I know, for example, that searches for cilantro were an important part of my May traffic. (My post
On calling a truce with cilantro got a lot of visits and some great comments.)

Some other popular search terms and the posts they hit are:

  • New York map — I blogged about moving to Brooklyn a year ago and included a map of New York to help give perspective on where we are now. That map has brought a lot of visitors to my door, so I added links to some helpful maps to assist people more interested in exploring NYC than exploring life. I hope at least a few of them stick around after arriving at On moving to Brooklyn

Regardless of what got you here, I hope you’ll stick around — and come back! You can subscribe via e-mail or RSS, too, so Newvine Growing will come to you.


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