Sometimes we’re learning lessons even when we don’t know it

There’s a remake out of the 1980s iconic movie Karate Kid. It’s hard to imagine anyone my age who doesn’t have a mental picture of Ralph Macchio doing karate moves he learned from Pat Morita in the original.

As any Gen Xer can tell you, Mr. Miyagi’s teaching style is a little sneaky. Daniel wants to learn karate but instead he spends long, hard hours doing chores like waxing cars and painting a fence.

I recently blogged about lessons learned the hard way. This clip from the original Karate Kid illustrates the opposite — that sometimes we are absorbing knowledge without even realizing it.

Have you ever been surprised to discover you knew something you didn’t realize you’d learned?


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  1. I saw the remake last weekend and was surprised at how good it is. Love the original, too, but the new one is worth seeing.


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