Making live music more of a priority in my life

Dr. Lonnie is feeling the music and so am I

Since we came back from New Orleans Jazz Fest in early May, I’ve been trying to bring home some of what I love about our annual pilgrimage.

In addition to starting piano lessons so I can make music for myself, I’m also making more of an effort to get out to enjoy live music.

It’s not like New York suffers a shortage of opportunities to see excellent music, so there’s no reason why we should see more bands in one week in New Orleans than we do in the other 51 combined in NYC.

It’s the last work day before a long holiday weekend, so here’s a nice, easy post, featuring some YouTube snippets of a few of the bands we’ve enjoyed in the last few weeks.

Galactic — New Orleans funk

Dr. Lonnie Smith — Hammond B3 organ grooves

High and Mighty Brass Band — taking brass band tradition and making it funky

J.G. Thirwell and Steroid Maximus — orchestral spy music

Coming up soon:

  • Arthur’s Tavern — the Grove Street Stompers play Mondays
  • Sofia’s — Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks offer early New Orleans jazz Monday and Tuesday nights
  • Lovin Cup — third Thursday of the month is traditional jazz, produced by Tight Like This
  • Nolafunk organizes a whole load of great New Orleans music events in NYC

And, of course, Preservation Hall Jazz Band July 30 in Williamsburg. Will you be there?

Happy Fourth of July!


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  1. It’s great that you posted music clips. A nice touch for the holiday weekend!


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