Corporate job vs. entrepreneur isn’t an either-or choice

Without statistics to back me up, I’d hazard a guess that millions of Americans with full-time jobs fantasize about becoming self employed.

Maybe the dream looks like being a wildly successful author, maybe it’s opening a restaurant or starting an independent legal practice.

Whatever that daydream is, many people never pursue it because it can feel like a giant leap to leave behind steady pay and benefits for the uncertainty and risk that comes with entrepreneurship.

A blog called is one of many I’ve seen recently advocating that it doesn’t have to be an either-or choice. That it’s doable to have a day job and pursue something else on the side, to enjoy the benefits of both.

The post, headlined How Do You Position Yourself For Two Different Careers? begins:

I had a client who had started a business that needed a cash infusion.  At the same time, recognizing that cash flow was an issue, he started to explore going back in-house (he had been a successful banker before starting his own shop).  He needed to position himself as both an entrepreneur and an employee without diluting either focus or confusing his market.  How do you position yourself for two different careers?

Read more on SixFigureStart

I know several people who’ve done this well. Their bosses know about and are supportive of their side ventures and they seem to balance the demands successfully.

Do you think it’s possible to have two — or more — careers simultaneously?


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  1. Yes, most certainly, and in this day and age, more likely than ever. But there’s the old saw about doing one thing and doing it well. I respect anyone who has the talent and focus to do that. God bless ’em.


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