Retirement – can I afford to retire? (via Retirement – only the beginning)

My blog post earlier this week on saving for retirement prompted passionate discussion when I posted the link on Facebook, so here’s a follow up to keep the conversation going.

On this blog about retirement (see below), the author not only discusses the sources of funding you might have for retirement but also talks about what your expenses are likely to be.

For example, if you’re lucky, you’ll have paid off your house so one big expense will be gone, and since you won’t be commuting any more, hopefully you can drive a paid off car and cut out your car payment.

Take a look and share your thoughts.

Retirement looms on the horizon out there, somewhere, for each of us. Are you ready for retirement today? If not, when do you want to retire? When CAN you hope to retire? And what can you do NOW to assure that satisfying lifestyle you want and deserve?

Take a look at the Social Security Retirement Planner at and you will find a myriad of variables that go into evolving a successful retirement strategy. Within that list … Read More

via Retirement – only the beginning


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