My Spooky Vision Board (via Anashay’s Story)

If you’re wondering if a vision board or a spell painting can influence the direction of your life — and you weren’t convinced by reading The Secret — then here’s another blogger’s tale of feeling good energy coming from a vision board.

And by the way, if you need a spell painting to help visualize your life goals, John’s available for hire to do one for you, too.

A few months back, sometime in March, I made the decision to make my vision board.  The journey actually started a little bit before that in January. In January, I came across Erin Scandalous “Get yours in 2010” video. In the video, she suggested that we write everything down that we wanted to accomplish this year.  So, after watching her video I made my list and in March I transformed that list into a vision board, after reading a blog about one … Read More

via Anashay’s Story


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