Please vote for my panel for SXSWi

South by Southwest Interactive has a great way of selecting speakers and panels for its schedule — it includes expert review, staff consideration and the will of the people.

SXSWi Panel Picker crowdsources the decision of who should speak. Voting started this week and I’d love your support in getting on the roster.

Here’s my pitch:

Explore how you might live your life better, whether that means achieving more with your career or better aligning your personal life with your ideals. Blogger Colleen Newvine Tebeau focuses on personal and professional transformation, and will draw on the experience of people she has profiled to offer insights and inspiration. She will discuss major themes she’s found in living life intentionally and illustrate examples with video from profile subjects like:

1) Joel Zeff, a laid off newspaper reporter who took improv comedy classes and found happiness as a motivational speaker,

2) Matt and Rene Greff, a couple who quit their unfulfilling corporate jobs to start a brewpub with no restaurant experience and made it work,

3) Lara Zielin, a writer who divorced her first husband, got a new job and found the confidence and motivation to get her first novel published,

4) Ben Jaffe, creative director of Preservation Hall Jazz Band, who learned to balance the tradition of the business his parents built with the innovation that keeps it fresh and challenging for him,

5) Lisa Gauchey, who took the early death of her mother as the impetus to examine her life and make major changes, like getting her first passport and moving to New York.

Discussion is welcomed — I invite you to share your own stories of transformation or to bring your questions about what’s next for you.

Click through to vote. You’ll need to create an account — that’s to keep people from stuffing the ballot box — but it’s fast and it’s free, and you don’t need to be attending SXSW to vote.

But if I get on the calendar, clearly you’ll want to come to Austin in March.


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  1. Oh, and also? There’s a really good chance you might see me there.

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