Saturday is “International Read Comics in Public Day”

Looking for something to read in public this weekend? Here's one suggestion ... not that I have anything against Richie Rich.

There is a holiday for everything and it turns out this Saturday is International Read Comics in Public Day.

From their website:

Like so many great things in this world, Read Comics in Public Day has its roots in a joke. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was something off-handed about reading novels on the train, because I was too embarrassed to read comics in public. Like many good jokes, that one had its root in the truth.

I run a comics blog, I travel to comic conventions, and many of my good friends are involved in some form or another in the comics industry, but I still find it hard sometimes to get around the stigma.

Comics are now widely accepted as a legitimate and vibrant art form—so why do I still feel a bit embarrassed to let strangers know about my not-so-secret passion?

If you’re casting about for comics to read in public on Saturday, you could do much worse than my friend Jim Ottaviani’s science-based graphic novels.

Or you could just start by reading my Q&A with Jim in public on Saturday.


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  1. Or, if you’re in Ann Arbor, just talk to Jim on Saturday!

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