Why I loathe Don Draper, part II

Another season of Mad Men, another round of Sunday night obsession with what America’s favorite misogynist is up to.

I wrote a while back about what a loathsome creep I think the lead character of this cult show is, but Linda Stasi at the New York Post did a far better job:

So, what’s his appeal? Simple. Don Draper represents, in his repressed way, everything we’re either not supposed to do or are even allowed to do anymore.

He smokes fantastic amounts at work, in restaurants, at home and in the car with his kids.

He drinks at lunch, at work, at home and before getting into his car. He’d rather have sex than babysit.

His favorite food group is steer.

He has random, unprotected sex. He tells his clients what he really thinks of them.

He doesn’t work out — he just works. And he makes no apologies for any of it.

In other words, Don Draper does things that nowadays would land us in jail, at child protective services, on the unemployment line or worse, at “Biggest Loser” fat camp. And it looks like such uncivilized fun.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/tv/why_we_love_don_draper_JIPyK6pb3UfdIwO17wbq4L#ixzz0yI01rBYT

I totally agree that Emmy-winning Mad Men is beautiful to look at — the costumes and sets are spectacular — and it’s amusing to see what passes for good parenting or appropriate office behavior.

But can we all agree Don Draper is not sexy, he’s not a role model, he’s a white collar white male power fantasy?

I think Linda is right. Don’s appeal is that he gets to do the things many people wish they could — but in real life, actions have actual consequences, and people have consciences.


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3 replies

  1. i dont know i think the writers were trying to get something else out of his character besides the obvious list of flaws he has. don draper is the perfect example of an ideal. winston churchill is an ideal, the rolling stones are an ideal

    when a lady asked don draper what he likes, he stares at her with no answer, she replies “wow, you cant even answer that”
    he responds, “i cant answer that, because the answer is, huge.”
    don draper sees something in everything, something everyone can relate to, and the writer managed to show that in one line, and john hamm managed to deliver the line so people understand it

    i dont know, people say the artist is separate from the art, does knowing a painting that you like was made by hitler change the fact that you like the painting? mad men isnt about the sexism, the drinking, smoking, any of that. its about having that and having worth after all of that

  2. I loved your post because everyone seems to romanticize the show (and Don Draper). Seen this month’s cover of Rolling Stone? Anyway … found your post today via Brazen Careerist and I had to use the topic as a conversation starter. I hope you don’t mind. Check it out and leave your two cents: http://www.brazencareerist.com/conversation/689534

  3. I mean Jon Hamm is a handsome man, but he’s not someone I would want to spend any time around, so he’s not really sexy. Now the Oatmeal is sexy.

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