Very superstitious: How I started playing Stevie Wonder

My spell painting includes actual notes from Stevie Wonder's My Cherie Amour

How great is my piano teacher?

Sheldon saw my spell painting on my blog and noticed in my description that John had included actual notes from two musicians I love, Fats Waller and Stevie Wonder.

He remembered he had sheet music for a beginner version of My Cherie Amour and surprised me with that as bulk of my lesson Wednesday night.

I’m such a beginner that it doesn’t sound much like music yet. I’m still working out “oh right, that’s an F sharp, not natural” and counting out the quarter notes and eighth notes.

But even hearing bits of Stevie come out from under my fingers is thrilling.

You don’t have to believe that doing a vision board or spell painting is mystical to see that something really powerful happened — I made a public declaration of something I wanted and someone responded by helping.

It reaffirms to me that you can’t anticipate how, but if you ask for help, you’ll often get it.


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