Making a list pays off again. On talking to people who inspire me.

Maybe a year ago, I made a quickie list of five people who inspired me that I’d like to meet.

I reviewed the list earlier this week, after checking off my fourth: Mark Bittman.

I’m working on a freelance story about food and it was a great opportunity to interview one of my kitchen icons. I got off the phone giddy. Not starstruck, more in disbelief that I can get paid to pick the brain of someone I’ve admired for years.

Here's a mobile pic my friend Lisa Gauchey snapped while I sat on a tasting panel with Gary Vaynerchuk. Click here to watch the episode.

Others on the list had been:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of Wine Library TV, a wine and social media empire, and now a new media rock star — thanks to Twitter, I was part of a wine tasting panel on Wine Library TV, then I went to a multi-course wine dinner he hosted and sat across the table.
  • Ben Jaffe, creative director of Preservation Hall — Ben gave me hours on the phone, telling me the story of his parents founding Preservation Hall and his journey taking over as the next generation.
  • Clint Maedgen, leader of New Orleans Bingo Show and sax player in Preservation Hall — Clint hung out with me and John for a beer when Preservation Hall played New York, then patiently answered follow up questions by phone and e-mail.

Who’s remaining?

Richard Russo. I’m coming for you, Russo!

Of course there are many more than five amazing, interesting people I want to meet in the world. Thanks to my Relationship Masters Academy homework, I have a spreadsheet of about 50. But I love that I’m already at about 80 percent against this list I jotted one night in bed, then largely forgot about.


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5 replies

  1. The paragraphs have been helpful for all of us

  2. hey – thanks for the photo credit. On a side note, that was my first mobile upload ever to Facebook!

  3. Heh. I have a big crush on Mark Bittman. Never thought to put him on my list, though. I’d love to have him sign my bespattered “How to Cook Everything.”

  4. Congrats on making it to 80%! I just found your blog through my friend, Amanda Hirsch. Good stuff!

  5. That’s funny – I was just reading Mark Bittman’s Runner’s World column yesterday, and thought, “Maybe I’ll stalk him on his run in Central Park.” Then I noticed he said his runs were in the “pre-dawn light” and thought, nah. 🙂

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