Ding dong, the recession’s dead

Did you hear the recession is over? And has been for a year?

As the blog Death and Taxes wrote this week:

The recession is over. It is official. According to The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), our “Great Recession” lasted 18 months, beginning December 2007 and ending June 2009.

Monday’s announcement from the NBER probably came as a surprise to most Americans. Key economic indicators are up but the overall sentiment is still overwhelmingly depressing. It almost makes you wish there was still a recession — at least we’d have to something to blame for our misery.

So the group responsible for declaring the existence of recessions and depressions has proclaimed it done.

Has your personal economic situation improved since June 2009?

And maybe even more importantly, has your overall view of your finances, your career and your home’s worth been changed permanently by those 18 months of official recession-dom?


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