Why Do You Get Angry & How to Deal With it. (via How To Become A Better You in 365 Days)

We all get mad about something — coworkers, family, neighbors, bad drivers, lousy service, too much to do … I’m getting mad just thinking about the possibilities.

That’s why I liked this post from “How To Become a Better You in 365 Days.” It’s a normal human reaction to get angry, but if you can’t control the things that make you angry, you can learn to change your reaction.

Why do You Get Angry & How to Deal With it. Discover what makes you feel angry and how to use anger management therapies to overcome this destructive emotion. Manage your anger and take greater control of your life. Why do You Get Angry & How to Deal With it. Why do I get angry? Anger is often the result of unfulfilled desires and expectations. If we have an unfulfilled expectation of a person we become angry and upset. The mind creates the expectation and imagines the fulfillment of t … Read More

via How To Become A Better You in 365 Days


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  1. Hi Colleen Newvine Tebeau,
    Thank you for sharing with others and I am grateful you have put my article up on your blog. I am delighted to hear you liked the post and thought it was worth mentioning. BTW, I love your blog and the information you have on here… Its overwhelming in such a great way that I will be on here reading your material and putting you on my blogroll, so others can enjoy your extraordinary knowledgeable database (lol) on on careers to self assessment. 😛
    Once again, thank you and I am very humble you thought this is important to share with your readers and new readers. 🙂

    Have a great day.

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