Month of Thanksgiving is coming

Thanksgiving is about a month away — on Nov. 25, in case you haven’t checked your calendar.

That means I’m getting ready to do another Month of Thanksgiving. Maybe you recall that last year I did a post every day leading up to Thanksgiving, focusing on gratitude and getting in a thankful mindset.

What’s so cool is that Paul Taubman, the gratitude guru behind the Gratitude Blog recently announced the 30 Days of Gratitude Project 2010 — and when I contacted him to say I’d done something like that last year, he offered to do a guest post during my series.

So you can not only look forward to my reflections on gratitude, but you’ll get to hear from Paul, who focuses on these topics all year long.

One small change I’m making this year is that instead of going Oct. 25-Nov. 25, I’m kicking off Nov. 1. and going for the month of November. That means if you would like to guest post on something related to gratitude, like Paul is, you’ve got some time to let me know.

To get you thinking about gratitude, here’s a video from Gary Vaynerchuk, the Wine Library guy and social media guru. Gary believes that we’re moving into a “thank you economy,” where if you really care for your customers and take care of them, they’ll do business with you to say thank you.

So here’s a different take on gratitude. Maybe it’s good for business.

The camera’s a little shaky but the message is good. Close your eyes if you have to.


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