Kicking off Month of Thanksgiving

I'm a vegetarian so I'm more excited about the pie on Thanksgiving than the turkey. This lovely Flickr photo from waferboard has me counting down the days.

Today is the first day of November, so it’s also the first day of the Month of Thanksgiving here on Newvine Growing.

This is the second year* I’ve led up to Thanksgiving by focusing on getting myself into a thankful state, sort of like Lent aims to get Christians mindful of the celebration of Easter.

In case you missed last year’s Month of Thanksgiving, here are some of my favorite posts, all on themes related to overcoming obstacles to gratitude.

This year I plan to use these posts a little more like a gratitude journal, sharing specific things I’m grateful for every day, in addition to writing about broad themes.

I hope you will share what you’re grateful for, as well. Share your gratitude any time you feel inspired — and look for prizes to help inspire your gratitude, too.

* Because this is the second year, AP Stylebook now says I can refer to Month of Thanksgiving as “annual.” There is no such thing as first annual.


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  1. I have been so lax in keeping up my gratitude journal. Thank you for the reminder to keep it going. It makes such a huge difference in my outlook, why did I ever let it lapse?

    I look forward to reading your posts this month.

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