I am grateful for: democracy

I’m no Pollyanna about our political system. From negative campaign ads to the influence of money, I get that American democracy suffers numerous problems.

AP’s Liz Sidoti wrote of Washington, D.C. recently:

This is still a city of red-hot polarization, gridlock the norm, with partisan rancor from the Capitol to the White House. Neither party is giving the country what it wants; people dislike Democrats roughly as much as they do Republicans. Congress’ popularity is stuck at basement levels.

But on election days, I’m still blown away that we live in a country where the stakes are so high but instead of political coups and overthrows, we all get the chance to cast a vote.

Some question whether all the votes count and whether some voters are unfairly denied their vote.

Still, at polling places all over the country, an army of volunteers will greet voters, not a real army or tanks — and if we’re displeased with the candidates, the process or their follow through on promises, we’re free to criticize it.

But that’s a separate reason to be grateful.

Going to the polls today?


Need help finding your polling place? Google has a voter info map function.




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