I am grateful for: air travel

I have a couple of trips planned for the rest of the year that involve air travel.

I don’t mean to sound all Beverly Hillbillies marveling over the cement pond, but it’s pretty miraculous that I’m going to wake up in the cool November autumn of New York and by that very afternoon, I will be dangling my toes in the pool in Florida. In a matter of hours, I can not only be in another state but in a totally different climate.

Obviously I’m not a road warrior consultant who flies coast to coast every week or I’d probably be immune to the wonder of air travel.

Then again, we travel a fair amount — and yes, I will admit I complain when there’s a screaming baby on my plane or when I’m stuck in a middle seat next to someone spilling over the arm rest — and I’m still grateful that we’re able to afford something so amazing as flying from place to place.

If you’re not convinced, check out this four-minute video with Louis CK:


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