I am grateful for: shoes

My current fave shoes are these technicolor striped booties from a company called United Nude.

I was walking to the office one morning when a group of beefy guys loudly talking about the recently concluded World Series approached from the other direction.

They seemed to be debating whether or not the right team won, but in mid macho guy sports debate, one of the fellas interrupted to say to me enthusiastically, “Nice shoes!” Then he went back to discussing pitching versus defense.

I’m no Carrie Bradshaw, who seemed to fund an endless parade of $600 shoes by writing one newspaper column a week. But I have come to appreciate the fun of wearing flashy, less-than-sensible shoes, especially as a way to jazz up my more corporate office wear.

I was in the market for red heels when I found these, and the leopard soles sold me.

These groovy little booties in the picture are my current favorites, but also in heavy rotation are some grey booties with military button styling and red heels I bought mainly because the soles are leopard print.

I have a few girlie-girl weaknesses: costume jewelry, fruity umbrella drinks and pretty shoes.

Two of the three of those can make a tired old outfit feel new again.


Fall is the season for orange suede boots, right?


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