Evolving Newvine Growing in 2011 to tighten the focus a bit

Earlier this week, I wrote about the most popular blog posts in the two-year run of Newvine Growing and about the most common search terms that bring people here.

Studying those data points is part of some work I’m doing to refine my focus for 2011.

I launched Newvine Growing in January 2009 with broad goal: to have a forum for exploring what makes people happier and more fulfilled.

I’ve always been a girl who knows where she’s headed about two or three chess moves out. That might change if an unexpected opportunity pops up, but generally speaking, I like to think I’m facing in the right direction.

After we moved to New York, I purposely stopped looking forward to enjoy the present. I’d arrived at a place I had been working toward for many years and I wanted to savor it.

But eventually, my desire to contemplate what’s next returned, and thus, the launch of this blog.

After the first year or so of just blogging whatever seemed to fit with living life intentionally, I crafted some broad themes that seemed most interesting: career, creativity, food and drink, health and well being, home and family, lifestyle.

Now I’m planning to tighten the focus on three areas that have most excited me:

Creativity — I am drawn like a moth to a flame to creative folks, whether they’re writers or artists or musicians, and have been since I was a kid. As I’ve profiled creatives for my blog, I realize it’s their passion for what they do that really gets me. Most creatives will get neither rich nor famous doing what they do, so they do it for love. I’d probably enjoy talking to a used car salesman who sold cars for the pure joy of it, but since that’s more likely to be a choice you make to pay the rent, he might be harder to find.

Some examples:

Food and drink — I have long been a girl who doesn’t skip a meal, but in recent years I’ve become more interested in eating well and passionate about supporting sustainable food production. I feel strongly about the importance of eating well for our health and for the benefit of the environment, and because I just think it’s enjoyable to cook and eat good food.

Some examples:

I’ve also started a paper.li daily collection of news on Twitter about food, farming and related issues. Check it out here.

Career — When I added this category, it was a big, broad area that could catch anything that might land in the business section of your newspaper or in an MBA lecture. Now it’s come into focus as specifically meaning topics of good leadership and vision and of choosing a career path that’s consistent with the kind of passion in the creativity area. Often that means entrepreneurs, maybe because you have to be awfully passionate about something to take the risks associated with launching your own business — and as I’m writing this I’m thinking that really, creatives are entrepreneurs who sell their own work, so it’s all interconnected.

Some examples of career posts include:

So those three topics are the ones I’ll focus most on in 2011. That’s not to say I’ll never write about health if the spirit moves me, but I think each year we spend together, the more it becomes apparent what really excites me.

And that’s the whole reason I launched Newvine Growing. I love it when a plan comes together.


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