Cases of the Mondays doubled in US since 2008 (via Cassie Behle)

I stumbled onto this satirical post recently on Cassie Behle’s blog. It says in part:

Because the onset of case of the Mondays’ symptoms almost always appear like clockwork Sunday, some workers often confuse a stubborn hangover for the disease. Doctors nationwide have seen a rash of workers coming into the office and mistaking the two, and are urging workers to forego an unnecessary trip to the clinic. Instead, they recommend workers take two Tylenol, drink plenty of water, calm the $*%& down and grow up already.

I get it that weekends are probably more fun that weekdays for many people. You’re on your own agenda, doing things of your choosing as opposed to going to obligatory meetings or doing tasks your boss wants you to do.

But it breaks my heart how commonly I hear things like:

  • Ugh, it’s Monday
  • It’s Wednesday, so only two more days
  • Thank God it’s Friday!

Why? Because that means the person is wishing away the majority of his or her life, five days a week, for just two that are perceived as enjoyable.

That seems to me a big red flag that it’s time to do something about your career choice.

WASHINGTON—As weekend festivities draw to an close and another Monday morning quickly approaches,  workers everywhere are seen trudging to work in a manner that suggests they’re about to meet their maker. That is, those who even bother to show up at all. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a detailed report today revealing startlingly new statistics on the spread of cases of the Mondays throughout the U.S. The report confi … Read More

via Cassie Behle

And now, in case you have a case of the Mondays, a double dose of Office Space:


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