Coming soon: trio of career path stories, plus foodie inspiration and some life wisdom

My blogging to-do list includes several stories I’m excited about, so I hope you’ll stop back in the weeks to come for:

  • a profile of Brook Eddy, a single mother of twins who made the unlikely move from nonprofit fundraising to starting a chai tea company that’s approaching $2 million in sales. Brook is an old friend of ours from Ann Arbor and we’re so impressed and proud watching her business boom.
  • a profile of Sarah Nicoli and Lisa Edwards, two former corporate types who started dotmine day planners in part from their intentional focus on wanting to enjoy their work life more, including both how they work and who they work with. A mutual friend introduced us and I recently enjoyed a long brunch and several margaritas with Sarah and Lisa while they were visiting NYC.
  • an update with Clint Maedgen, who unequivocally says the new CD he’s just released with his band New Orleans Bingo Show is the best thing he’s ever done.  While he sat in the Atlanta airport waiting to fly home from a show with Preservation Hall, we had a conversation about the life transformation and discipline that led to his best work. It was the perfect mix of insightful and self aware combined with some silliness and laughs. Bonus: look for 10 free CDs as a giveaway on that post.

Also coming, a few tasty nuggets from the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, which is worth a visit on its own but as a bonus, it shares a roof with the Museum of the American Cocktail. I learned a ton then left hungry and thirsty, so I’ll plan to share a little from that.

And I’m coordinating with a few writer friends for a package with the working title “40 things I know at 40.” We’re reflecting on what we’ve learned, often the hard way, on our way to midlife, and we’ll share those thoughts soon. Let me know if you might like to contribute?


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  1. Wow. I didn’t realize what Brook has been up to! Great for her!! Can’t wait to read your profile.

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