Conversation starter: Imagine you meet an idol

Picture someone you really look up to — someone who goes beyond an important mentor, someone you idolize as very talented or successful in your field, perhaps the person you wish you could grow up to be.

Got someone in mind?

Now imagine getting an opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with that person. Not just an “I love your work” passing handshake, but really discussing meaningful matters.

Would you rather:

A. Have this person tell you you’re great, offering affirmation and encouragement that you’re on the right path?

B. Have this person give you constructive criticism about how you could improve?

Which do you choose and why?

Have you had an opportunity for one or the other or both?

I have some thoughts about the pros and cons of each but will hold them until you’ve had a chance to weigh in, so I don’t lead the witness.


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2 replies

  1. Completely depends on the type of idolization I hold for said person. As a rule, I’m not typically starry-eyed around my idols. Worked in Aspen for many years with MANY people I hold in high regard…but never really wanted creative feedback from them. When I idolize an individual, it’s usually for very specific reasons, and those reasons satisfy me as I follow them from afar. Meeting them isn’t always the best idea (for me, personally) as the stars tend to fall from my eyes once that happens. 🙂

  2. choice A. Totally, all the way. I mean, this person is my idol for a REASON. One would think we’re on similar paths.

    I can get criticism all day long from a harsh world. From my idol? I just want a kind word.

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