Do you want to share your life lessons on Newvine Growing?

I want you -- to write a list of things you have learned as a guest blogger on Newvine Growing.

People are still reaching out to share lists of things they have learned — which is fantastic! I love that as the series goes on, it continues to inspire people to share their life’s lessons.

Here’s the general premise of the “Things I Have Learned” series: guest bloggers write one life lesson for each year they’ve lived. Mine was 40 Things I Have Learned at 40, and we’ve had one list of 23, another of 70. Items typically range from the profound to the mundane, because we learn some of both, right?

If you’d like to catch up on the lists so far, writers include:

And if you’d like to participate, I’ll just need your list, plus a recent photo and a short bio of maybe two or three sentences. I can link to your blog or website, if you like.


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  1. 36 Things I Have Learned at 36, by Catherine Mulligan « Newvine Growing — exploring evolution, revolution and living life intentionally

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