Can people change? Part II, with input from friends

My recent post on whether people can change generated a nice conversation over on Facebook, so I’m bringing those comments in here to share other perspectives:

  • Margaret Yang I voted yes. People can change. The thing is, most people don’t want to! Don’t we all think we’re just dandy the way we are?
  • Jeffrey SaugerPeople can change their synapses. They’ve found career cabbies in London actually write new paths throughout their brains when they’ve had to go on new routes.
  • Amanda HirschI agree, people can change… we can rewire our brains through changed thought patterns and behaviors. And as far as Myers Briggs — I find that even if my outcome remains the same, how far I am along the E/I, T/F and J/P spectrum changes each time I take it. Always a solid N, though, with no signs of S…. no shift there 🙂
  • Gale Marie Abbass One can change. Period. But just because one evolves, doesn’t mean that one necessarily change how one perceives the world and makes decisions the way that particular test measures it.

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  1. Greetings! Absolutely humans can change, we have incredible resources within our physical makeup to accomplish change. Because we are effected by enormous emotional, geomagnetic, and ancestral patterns it feels difficult when trying to “neutralize the slate” on a daily basis. Be it yoga, meditation, prayer or simple intoned affirmations we can reach into our beings and evolve the affect of the emotion any time we choose. There is an inter connected intelligence that permeates the symbiosis of the the natural world and the human consciousness is very receptive to the seen and unseen fields of energy of the planet and universe. The flower essences help to access natures “intelligence” and lend support to evolving human physical and emotional beings. We were asked to create Great Lakes Sacred Essences as a response to furthering the human ability to negotiate the 21 century world. Nano science is beginning to measure the sensitives intuitive perception that Natures’ web offers humans.

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