Heading into a fourth year of evolution, revolution and living life intentionally

I launched this blog Jan. 1, 2009 in what I might describe in retrospect as pre-midlife crisis.

I’d spent five years in Michigan’s evening MBA program, focused on graduating and getting a new job in New York. Then having made that move, I enjoyed my new career for three years before beginning to ask “What’s next?” I’ve always been a girl with my eyes on the future, and this blog was a way for me to explore possibilities.

I’ve refined and evolved my vision for the blog over time, which seems only fitting for a blog about transformation. It’s seemed to work, as traffic has grown over these three years.

Initially I envisioned the focus as profiles of people who’d made dramatic life changes. Then I began to shift more toward the “living life intentionally” part of the equation, with more emphasis on stories about career, creativity and food and drink.

Now what?

Entering my fourth year with Newvine Growing, I’m again using the new year as a chance to reflect and refine, to make sure the blogging experience still inspires and excites me, which I hope translates into content with a unique perspective.

Part of the plan is what I’m calling Blogversation 2012. I’ve invited a handful of bloggers who I think have compelling ideas and unique views to engage in an online salon of smart thinking, posing questions of each other and responding both in the comments here and on their own blogs.

My hope is that more voices and perspectives will make for a richer dialogue, and that we’ll get lots of other people involved in the conversation, too.

You’ll meet the Blogversation participants just after the new year, when Newvine Growing celebrates another birthday.


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