Social media serendipity leads to great wine and a hometown connection

In my first attempt at video blogging, I tell a personal story to illustrate the soft side of social media’s benefits:

If you don’t have five minutes to spend — and I know, that’s long and I need to practice tightening up my story telling — here are the high points:

I have a saved search in HootSuite for all tweets using the word “Newvine.”

My saved search picked up a Twitter handle @newvineland, a California winery. Of course I had to buy some wine from @newvineland.

I got on the phone with Melissa Sorongon from New Vineland — and discover we both grew up in Saginaw, Mich. She graduated two years after me from the Catholic high school across the street from my public high school. Now she and her husband run a small winery.

So one Saginaw native in Brooklyn gets wine shipped from another Saginaw native in California, brought together by the weird serendipity of Twitter.

And by the way, New Vineland syrah? MM-mmm.


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