Blogversation 2012: When you’re in a food rut, where do you turn for inspiration?

Throughout this year, several bloggers will engage in a conversation here and on their blogs — asking questions of each other and responding. Others are absolutely welcome to join the conversation, as well. Learn more about the ladies of Blogversation 2012.

Today’s question comes from Amy Throndsen, on Twitter as @amyserves:

Amy Throndsen asks what you do when you get in a food rut.

One of my most inspiring dinner parties was a few weeks ago when I invited a friend over for “Refrigerator Review.”

She brought a few things from her fridge and we mixed them with mine and came up with a meal that neither of us would have prepared had it not been for the other person’s ingredients.

I often find myself buying the same things at the grocery store (kale, kale and more kale – I’ve already confessed my addiction) and making the same meals.

When you’re in a food rut, where do you turn for inspiration?


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  1. John and I had a fun project for a while — we committed to trying one new recipe every week.
    We have so many cookbooks, not to mention the endless resource of the Internet, but it’s easy to fall into the routine of the familiar so this pushed us to think a little more about what we eat and to not be so lazy.
    We ended up discovering several new favorites that have actually become standbys.

    • That sounds like a great idea! I absolutely agree that it’s easy to just keep doing the same thing – you know how it tastes, you know how to prepare it, you know where the ingredients are in the grocery store/at the farmer’s market, you know you’ll be full … Do you have any recipes (or general food tips, like, “try raw beets!”) you want to share?

  2. I turn through the recipe pages of Oprah, Real
    Simple, etc. and write down ingredient cobs that sound yummy. Or go out to eat and pull an idea from a restaurant.

  3. There are no food ruts in my house. When anyone here gets in a rut, I remind them of all the families like ours who can’t afford groceries, let alone being picky and choosy. That said, I am a creative cook who can whip up amazing meals from whatever it is that is in the kitchen. And Pinterest is good for ideas.

  4. Whenever I find myself in a food rut I get creative with comfort dishes or raw foods. So I’ll whip up a mac & cheese with truffle oil or sprinkle sunflower seeds on kale for a yummy new salad. I’m finding Pinterest to be a great source for food inspiration too (here’s my foodie board: I tend to pin things that I want to try, and then when I’m planning out my meals for the week, I’ll revisit for ideas. Last week I made lentil coconut curry soup inspired by a pin. DELISH!

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