Blogversation 2012: What would you like to discuss?

Throughout this year, several bloggers will engage in a conversation here and on their blogs — asking questions of each other and responding. Others are absolutely welcome to join the conversation, as well. Learn more about the ladies of Blogversation 2012.

We’re approaching the halfway point of 2012. We’ve had some great conversations so far this year as part of the Blogversation series, including two rotations of each of the participants posing a question.

For Blogversation, I invited some of my favorite bloggers to join me in this running conversation about creativity, passion, goals, values, happiness, relationships, career and food and drink.

It’s like an online salon of smart thinking.
It’s like a virtual coffee klatch.
It’s like a book club without having to read a book you don’t want to read.

Before we begin another rotation of each of our guest bloggers sharing a question they’d like to ask, here’s a question for you: what topics would you like to discuss here?

Follow the Blogversation members on Twitter and check out our past Blogversation posts.


Categories: career, creativity, food and drink, lifestyle


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