Blogversation 2012: What is the one thing in life that you still most want to do?

Throughout this year, several bloggers will engage in a conversation here and on their blogs — asking questions of each other and responding. Others are absolutely welcome to join the conversation, as well. Learn more about the ladies of Blogversation 2012.

This week’s question comes from Jennifer Worick,, on Twitter as @jennifer_worick:

What is the one thing in life that you still most want to do?

In other words, what’s the number-one thing on your bucket list? I’m not a fan of the term “bucket list,” but I recently recorded a podcast with Matt Paxton, the breakout clutter cleaner on Hoarders. We got to talking about a random assortment of topics, the way the best late-night chats tend to, and touched on bucket lists.
Now, I’ve posted about bucket lists on my blog, Things I Want to Punch in the Face, so you can probably imagine I’m not the biggest fan of them. However, it did get me thinking about the thing or things I’d regret not doing if I were to croak tomorrow.
My immediate answer was travel. I’m in my forties but I haven’t gotten out of North America much. I’ve been to England and France, but those trips to Greece, Italy, Thailand, Egypt, Mauritius remain on my “to do” list and never seem to materialize. My excuses are run of the mill: I can’t afford it or I can’t afford to take the time.
But beyond eating, praying, and loving my way around the globe, what I’d really regret is not finishing my memoir. It seems as if I’ve been working on and off on this for years and in fact, I recently found some writing from my early twenties that touched on this. So we’re talking 20 years I’ve been skirting and sniffing around this project without diving in and finishing it. Oh, I’ve worked on it. But again, money and time seem to rear their ugly heads. It’s hard to create a schedule that gives this room to breathe and develop and take shape. And I do need time for it. It’s much more emotionally demanding that anything I’ve ever done, writing or otherwise. It takes me to a dark place that’s hard to stay in when there are bills to be paid and live to be lived. So I’m moving back into a place where I can and will write something—anything—for the book each day. I may not be traveling soon but I am moving forward.

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  1. For about a decade I started training for a marathon that I never completed … until 2011. I completed my first marathon in Madison, Wisconsin in May, 2011 in just over 4 hours and 30 minutes. In May, 2012 I started training for an Ironman. It’s July 2012 and safe to say I’ve stopped that training attempt …. I hope to finish my training and complete my first Ironman before 2022.

  2. To be successful at something! I am the biggest procrastinator of anyone I know. I always seem to have an excuse as to why I can’t accomplish anything. I am not sure if I am lazy or I just give up when things get tough. I opened a photography business six months ago and I’m already thinking, I should throw in the towel. I guess, if I want to truly be successful at this or anything else, I am going to have to be determined to stick to it. ~ This can also coincide with other areas in my life, college, marriage, house keeping….the list can go on and on

  3. Growing up, I spent a lot of time making up dances, roller skating routines, plays, and radio shows. Remember that song Funky Town? They (Lipps, Inc.) also put out a song called All Night Dancing to which me, my best friend and my younger brother choreographed a dance. We performed it in front of a slide screen so you could see our shadows. We commenced the dance by throwing silver balls of tinfoil into the air. The whole thing was so awesome! It captured everything I love – music w a good beat, improvisation & collaboration.

    I’ve had this really long time fantasy of being in a music video (specifically, a Missy Elliott video) & also choreographing a dance w someone else. I haven’t figured out how to make this happen yet, but I would like to.

    There! You know my secret wish!

  4. The most audacious item on my list is living abroad.

    Since leaving home at 18 I’ve always had goals for my living situations. In college I wanted a single dorm room, so I became a resident advisor. In graduate school I wanted an apartment without roommates, so I opted for a cozy studio. After college I wanted to go where no one knew me, so I accepted a job in Pennsylvania. When I moved to Pittsburgh I wanted to walk to work, so I moved five blocks away from my downtown office building. My biggest goal, in my 20s, was to relocate to New York City. I accomplished in 2006. Now it’s time to start planning for the hairiest craziest of them all – moving abroad (for at least 6 months)! This is a multi-year process containing several mini-goals. The 1st, learning a new language. Si!


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