Blogversation 2012: Do you have a favorite season and what makes it special?

Throughout this year, several bloggers will engage in a conversation here and on their blogs — asking questions of each other and responding. Others are absolutely welcome to join the conversation, as well. Learn more about the ladies of Blogversation 2012.

Amy Throndsen, on Twitter as @amyserves, helps the Blogversation mark the changing of seasons — back in June, she asked what you loved most about summer as a child, and today she asks about the coming of fall:

In most parts of the country, we’re likely waking up to crisp morning air, which means a new season in upon us.  Changing colors of the leaves, putting away summer dresses and pulling out the tights, warming up with a cup of tea rather than ice-cold water, listening to the marching band at football games – are all just a few reasons why I love fall.  I appreciate all seasons (and wouldn’t want to live in a place without them), but there’s just something about fall.

Do you have a favorite season and what makes it special?


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  1. I find myself breathing a huge sigh of relief when summer is over and Fall is here. The sun is still out, but the humidity is gone, and in its place is crisp, fresh air. Finally, I can turn off the air conditioners and let REAL air swirl around the apartment! With Fall comes also comes the Jewish New Year, so it feels like a new beginning in that respect as well.

  2. Ahhhh, as odd as it seems I love the winter:). I was born in December and I’ve always loved snowy days. My ideal day is one where I can stay at home, inside, cozy and wrapped in layers of warmth.

  3. I’ve always loved the back-to-school, football-weather aspect of autumn. The air just smells like higher education is afoot. I want to take classes, wear hand-knitted caps, drink smokin’ hot cups of tea, and enjoy the crispness. Even though we have been enjoying our glorious delayed summer in Seattle, the air feels different, and the sugar maples are starting to turn orange.

    All that said, I’ve been enjoying summer more and more. There is definitely a different pace and vibe. Both seasons seem ripe with possibility, summer for adventure and love, fall for new ventures and projects, and for that I love them.

  4. For most of my adult life (as a kid it was summer, period) I would have just said fall and be done with it, but I want to amend that thought right here and right now.

    My favorite season is currently Holiday Season. This is a New York thing. It’s the best time of year to be in New York, in my opinion. Holiday Season is when NYC kicks it into high gear, has the finest weather, smells the least repulsive and boasts a never-ending stream of awesomeness from parties to art openings to museum exhibits, concerts, holiday shenanigans, and random ass street theater like Dirty Drunken Santa Day. In short, Holiday Season is New York at it’s absolute New Yorky best.

    “When is this so-called ‘Holiday Season?'” you ask. You are wise to ask, and should book your tickets accordingly. Holiday Season starts the weekend before Thanksgiving and burns like a roman candle all the way through the weekend after New Year’s. It’s where the good times curve and the suckiness curve are at their greatest divergence, where the Venn diagram with New York’s Best Weather and New York’s Asskickinest overlap generously, like a folded slice of an 18″ pizza all pipin’ hot and ready to cram into your quivering maw, and where nobody works very hard but those poor goddam Macy’s elves you’ve heard about on NPR.

    Never been to NYC? Holiday Season. Book it. Been here 34 times already? Make it 35, Ace, and come visit during Holiday Season.

    Holiday Season. The BEST, Jerry, the BEST.

  5. Summer. Summer, summer, summer, summer, summer!

    I like t-shirts, and shorts, and flip flops and growing things in my garden. I like sunshine (even if it doesn’t like me). I would rather grill than cook any other way. Fireworks! Ice cream! Swimming! Everything good is in the summertime.

  6. By far, Autumn is my favorite season as well. I love the colors, the scents. I love the fact I can use my oven again. I am happy to see the bugs are too sluggish to bother me much anymore. I do get sad as I watch the birds migrate, saying goodbye to the Robins and Sandhill Cranes. I wish them a safe journey and I know that I will be eagerly looking for them come Spring.

    I used to have a sense of excitement about the coming of Fall, with school starting and new events. I still do, in some regards, although now it is over the lesson plans I have created for my own children and the extra-curricular events I have lined up. Funny how we live vicariously through our children at times.

    Now I am off to enjoy my coffee in the cool morning air, don my sweatshirt for a quick walk around the block, and enjoy the day!


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