Blogversation 2012: What one question would you like to ask your candidates?

Throughout this year, several bloggers will engage in a conversation here and on their blogs — asking questions of each other and responding. Others are absolutely welcome to join the conversation, as well. Learn more about the ladies of Blogversation 2012.

Today’s question comes from your Blogversation hostess, Colleen Newvine Tebeau, @cnewvine on Twitter.

If you could ask candidates for any office one question, what would it be?

All of the participants of the Blogversation are women, which means just 100 years ago, none of us would have had the right to vote.

Our sisters in the early 20th century fought long and hard for us to get access to the polls Tuesday.

Not everyone is thrilled with this turn of events. Have you heard this Rush Limbaugh clip?

Rush Limbaugh Says “When Women Got The Right To Vote Is When It All Went Downhill” — click here to play a clip

While plenty of people will be grateful to see the long, drawn out presidential campaign come to a close, we still have a few more days to think about the leadership we want for our country — and there’s a lot more on your ballot than who will live in the White House.


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  1. A lot of people look to the president to fix and solve all the problems of our nation and our world, and that is a hell of a lot of pressure to put on one person. What can everyday people do as individuals and as groups to make our nation a better one to live in? How can we take responsibility for what is going on in our nation and act from there?

  2. I’m in awe of the energy that Obama and Rommney both had and their level of poise during the campaign. I’d really just love to know what they eat for breakfast:). I guess a broader question is, what makes their mornings special? I’d love the scoop on their routines, special foods, or rituals.

    Ummmm, OBAMA!! YES!! **sorry I just need to throw that out since we are talking about election season**

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