Blogversation 2012: What would you change about your home to make it your dream home?

Throughout this year, several bloggers will engage in a conversation here and on their blogs — asking questions of each other and responding. Others are absolutely welcome to join the conversation, as well. Learn more about the ladies of Blogversation 2012.

Last week, Mary Jean Babic asked about your relationship with stuff, and this week’s question builds on that notion of home really nicely. Today’s question comes from Eleanor Traubman, Creative Times, @creativetimes on Twitter:

What would you change about your home to make it your dream home?

There are a bunch of things I love about the apartment I share with my husband.  It’s small, so it minimizes cleaning time required to maintain it.  The living room/kitchen area has three windows which face into a bunch of backyards. Which means (a) there’s lots of gorgeous sunlight coming in and (b) we enjoy a cheerful view of sky, birds, trees, and neighbors enjoying outdoor space. Also, with the exception of our home office, it’s pretty uncluttered so it’s easier to unwind and gain mental clarity.

I do, however, always have ideas about what would make our home a more fun and inspiring place to live.

People who know me well know that I love the Charlie Brown holiday specials.  One of my favorite scenes in the Charlie Brown Easter DVD is when Woodstock, who is tired of living in a nest, asks Snoopy to build him a regular bird house. After obliging, Snoopy peers into the new house to see how Woodstock has decorated.  Turns out Woodstock has created a full-on 1970s bachelor pad, complete with sunken living room, lounge-y furniture, rich vibrant colors, and huge headphones attached to a speaker system.

This clip is the basis of my dream home! Specifically,  I would love an L-shaped couch for lounging and entertaining.

I would not argue with having some funky pillows and chairs that people could read and recline in and on. A richly colored rug to soften the effects of a wood floor would be peachy.

And, lastly, I’d love some kind of entertainment unit that hid all the exposed wires that come out from our television and DVD players.

So here’s my two-part question: What are some things you love and appreciate about your home exactly the way it is now? If you could add some things to make it your dream home (paint, art, furniture, whatever!) what would those things be? Have fun with this question!


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  1. This may sound weird, but I wish I had a *smaller* house. Much, much smaller. We have rooms we hardly ever use. And there’s nothing more depressing than doing your weekly vacuuming, going right over the vacuum tracks from last week, that are still there because nobody ever walks on that part of the floor.

  2. I would love some out-of-the-way, hidden nook sorts of places — like a padded bench in a corner with a curtain draped around it or, if we had a stairway, a space under the stairs aka Harry Potter; not dreary and punishing, but definitely magical. When I was growing up the family next door had this awesome room on the second floor. You couldn’t stand up in it; the ceiling was too low. But the whole room, walls and ceiling and floor, was covered in shag carpet. MAN I loved that room. You opened the door and sort of FELL in, and then you just lay there, and read books or listened to music or whatever. It’d be fun to be able to escape inside your own house.

    It would also be fun to add some irreverent touches to our house — bold paint colors, hanging a porch swing in the living room, something like that.

  3. Man, I would add a roof deck! If We could take over the roof of our building, it would lay down a wooden patio, and add a grill, a wet bar, a hammock, a garden, a pergola, a picnic table and a telescope. IN the house, I’d knock a hole in the living room wall and take over two rooms next door: one for a guest bedroom, and one for a home office and studio.

    In the bathroom, I’d make the shower into one of those “two-spout” showers and expand it for plenty of room for two. Also I’d add a place to sit. Preferably a swivel-chair of some kind. Oh, and music could be piped in.

    Also, we’d need a pass-through kitchen with more counter space. And double the closet space. That’s about it.

    Oh, and a bike storage room. And that’s all. Oh, and….

    Just kiddin. Let’s not be greedy, here, Johnny boy. You’ve said enough.

  4. I would move it about 15 miles closer to where I work. Otherwise, I love it!


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