Setting my 2013 goals with help from friends

How are those resolutions coming?

If you’re already stumbling, maybe you need some positive peer pressure.

Just after the new year, I spent the better part of a day with two of my favorite ladies working on our 2013 plans.

The three of us are at different places in our lives, with different ambitions and different ways of organizing our thoughts — and either in spite of that, or because of it, we helped each other develop our visions.

While we did spend some time discussing challenges and problems, it was in the context of framing why we wanted to make a change, not to whine and wallow. We spent a lot more time with sentences that started “Have you considered trying …,” “Maybe you could …”, “What if you …” and “I know someone who could help …”

I find it powerful to put my most ambitious version of myself out there and to have people I love and respect say yes, you can do that — and I’m here to help you.

Among the 2013 goals I brainstormed on in our session:

  • Drawing passionate, creative people into my life — I love spending time with people who are excitedly pursuing their dreams so I want to find ways to do more of that. That could mean hosting more living room shows, organizing art events and maybe even launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund DIY arts events
  • Teaching classes — I’ve loved teaching in the past, everything from media training classes at Michigan to using SAP CRM and Excel at the Associated Press, and I want to do that again in 2013. That could mean Skillshare, webcasting classes via my website, working with professional organizations or speakers bureaus or reaching out to a number of other outfits on my to-do list thanks to our goal session. Part of this will be developing maybe six PowerPoint decks on popular marketing topics so I’m ready to go when I’m asked.
  • Collaborating with John to build his art business — John’s an excellent artist, I know a thing or two about marketing, we think we can boost his art sales if we work together. It’s a special challenge working with a spouse, but the benefits are uniquely amazing when you share in the results, too.
  • Living a life of generosity — One of the things that struck us at Burning Man last year was the openness to giving and receiving generosity. I want to build that into our life by giving more of ourselves, giving more freely, and by pulling people to us who accept warmly and with appreciation and who enjoy reciprocating.

I also have some of the usual goals, including getting back to the gym to drop some weight, getting a new website built and cultivating more consulting clients, especially those interested in a long-term relationship.

Have you set 2013 goals or made new year’s resolutions, either on your own or with others? What would help you achieve those goals?

It’s not surprising that a blog about living life intentionally comes back to goal setting frequently. Among my past posts about resolutions:


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