You’d like to reinvent yourself — but how?

How do you make change in your life? Punny, right? This photo used under a Creative Commons license, courtesy of Adam Bartlett.

How do you make change in your life?
Punny, right?
This photo used under a Creative Commons license, courtesy of Adam Bartlett.

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Do you have a dream where things look a lot different from today?

Whether you’re picturing a big change for yourself or for your business, it can be scary to make a leap.

I recently blogged about some of the reasons creativity is stifled — people fear change, they worry about risk — and those same restrictions can keep you locked in your status quo.

In an Entrepreneur magazine article headlined 3 Critical Steps to Reinvent Yourself or Your Business, writer Lewis Howes gives suggestions on how to get moving. In part, he says you need to:

1. Push past resistance.

Sometimes the way we know we need a reinvention is because of regret, missed opportunities and risks we’ve never taken. But don’t fear change. Consider opposition as fuel to igniting your ambition and drive. Oftentimes you need to be the one to recognize your vision – no one else.

2. Trust your guts and be a self-starter.

For the direction you are headed, it’s wise to seek a mentor who’s a master of the craft you want to immerse yourself in. Read books in your field of interest as a short-term solution until you’ve built a mindset to move onto the next level of your craft. Leverage online resources, like podcasts, videos, articles, even online courses and programs.

When you’re persistent and passionate about your life’s work, the right people will cross your path.

3. Take action — now. 
Avoid the regret others have suffered for not taking the leap of faith — in yourself. Once an epiphany has presented itself in your mind, don’t ponder on it. Move now.

Fail early and often as this is where you will learn invaluable knowledge from your mistakes. Others around you can pinpoint small improvements, but through your eyes you’ll see the adjustments that must be made.

A former professional athlete, New York City-based Lewis Howes is co-author of LinkedWorking  and creator of the LinkedInfluence training program. Read the rest of his article here.

I obviously write about change a lot — it’s a major theme of my blog — so here are just a few of my related posts:


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  1. I found that reinventing myself was in reality being true to my essence. When you step out from the clouds of delusion the bath becomes much clearer.

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