Women speak out via #YesAllWomen

This isn’t the blog post I expected to write today — I have a few topics I’ve been meaning to get to, including taking better care of my health and another take on doing what you love.

But I couldn’t look away from the powerful #YesAllWomen conversation on Twitter this weekend.

Yet another act of mass violence in California, this time a twisted young man who promised revenge on the women who rejected him, led to this outpouring of women’s experiences with violence and sexism. It was like an online support group meets furious protest march, even as the hostile reaction and criticism flew.

Case in point: I tweeted one observation of my own and almost immediately had a stranger tweet back with a criticism of my looks. Thanks for helping prove my point, jerk.

cnewvine  cnewvine: Because I was told that being smart and strong willed would intimidate men and make it hard to get dates. #YesAllWomen1:37pm, May 26 from Twitter for iPhone
ikeepitreal19 ikeepitreal19@cnewvine No i think your looks will take care of that.2:02pm, May 26 from Web
I was so moved by the power of some of these tweets and by the sheer volume of them, so I rounded up some of my favorites on Storify.

[<a href="//storify.com/newvinegrowing/yesallwomen-shares-women-s-experiences” target=”_blank”>View the story “#YesAllWomen shares women’s experiences” on Storify]


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  1. Eff that guy. I am fuming inside. Rock on, beautiful lady.

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