Keep calm with your hands on the wheel

I made this "Keep Calm" image with

I made this “Keep Calm” image with

I had a dream earlier this week that’s stayed with me ~

I was driving in the left-turn lane of a five-lane road. I started to merge into the lane to my right but a car was coming from behind me.

The other car sideswipes me hard and fast in a crash that’s my fault. My car starts spinning like I’m on a sheet of ice, even though it’s not winter.

Here’s what I keep thinking about: In that spin across five lanes of traffic, I didn’t panic. I stayed focused on what was happening, honked my horn to warn others, and when the spinning stopped, I got control and started driving again.

Merging on a big road was an everyday activity when we lived in Michigan. Now that we’re New Yorkers who don’t own cars, I’m not sure why my brain ginned up this particular scene.

But it seems like a great life lesson from my subconscious: When something goes wrong, keep calm so you can steer your way out of the spin.


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