About the author — Colleen Newvine Tebeau

Colleen headshot 2017_optI grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, a blue-collar General Motors town about an hour and a half north of Detroit.

I took newspaper class in high school and it changed my life. I majored in journalism at Central Michigan University, where I worked on the college newspaper for all four years. In fact, I got my first assignment at CM LIFE before I’d been to my first class. I worked as a reporter and editor at daily, weekly and monthly publications before I got a little restless.

I started my MBA in Michigan’s part-time program and took a marketing job at a technology consulting firm to learn more about the Internet. The tech market tanked, and I moved into public relations at Michigan, learning about press release distribution, media pitching and media training by day, and market research, corporate strategy and leadership at night.

After graduation, I combined my journalism experience and my business education by going to work for a major news organization. After about five years in marketing roles there, I became a part-time product manager, spending the other part of my time offering marketing help to small organizations.

I have lived in New York with my husband, John, since 2006. We spent three years in Manhattan, now we call Brooklyn home. I continue to write freelance feature articles to scratch the writing itch.

Why a blog about reinvention?

My artist husband, John Tebeau, made this painting as a vision of how I want my life to be.

I appreciate living life intentionally, paying attention to what I want and need most out of life. I launched this blog in 2009 in a sort of mid-life crisis, wanting an outlet to ask questions about what makes life meaningful and to profile people who inspire me.

In the 10 years that have followed, I’ve done a range of profiles, personal-experience columns and synopses of articles that catch my eye. They often focus on creativity, career, and food and drink, though not exclusively.

These sorts of topics have intrigued me as long as I can remember.

I was on my elementary school newspaper staff and hung out with the band and theater kids in high school. I’ve always been drawn to creatives, including managing an alt-rock band in my 20s and marrying an artist.

I took the Dale Carnegie course in my early 20s and saw how attention to leadership and goals could lead to dramatic change. I’m a student of Keith Ferrazzi’s Relationship Masters Academy for the same reason. One of the greatest benefits of my MBA was spending untold hours in the company of smart classmates intent on doing more with their careers and lives.

While I grew up eating a typically 1970s Midwestern diet of processed food, one of my favorite childhood memories is of my grandfather’s huge garden, where he gave me a raspberry bush that was mine to tend. In college I took a nutrition class that jolted me with an awareness of how much salt and how little fiber I was consuming, so I set out to improve my eating habits, including cutting out meat and learning how to cook with actual fresh produce.

But this blog isn’t just about me. It’s about the conversation. I love passing along wisdom that others share in interviews and blog posts, and I love when you stop by and offer your thoughts in comments.

Contact me

I welcome your participation in the conversation so please leave comments wherever you feel the inspiration.

But if you prefer, you can also contact me via Twitter — @cnewvine — or via email: cnewvine at gmail dot com.


16 replies

  1. Hey, this is mike from Cafe Catania. If you havent been by recently then Im sorry to tell you we have closed. I found your lovely review on yelp and that led me to your awesome blog! lets keep in touch!

  2. hey colleen just read your article in the lsa mag on new orleans. Nice work. drop me a line sometime. say what’s up to jt (no one calls him that i’m sure).


  3. I like it when you write about music and your new found prowess at the keyboard. Oh and I like when you talk about Jazz Fest & food too (my two personal mainstays)!

    ;o) Smudgi

  4. Love the stuff I am reading –– smart and honest.
    Transparency to the fullest extent! Have a good holiday and I’ll see you at the Boathouse after the festivities subside…

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog “shedding our stuff”. When we left Virginia we purged 4500 pounds of extra’s and it’s time to do that again. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope your doing well.

  6. I left a comment on your site this morning out of frustration about what has been going on with one of our farmers markets. Although I believe it to be true, I don’t think it was my place to put out the information that i did. I wouldn’t want it to do any harm to the local vendors that participate in the markets here. If you could remove it, I would appreciate it.

  7. I’m a mom, a blogger, and a Ph.D. student, and I need your help. I’m doing a study about why women blog, and you have been selected at random to participate in a short survey about what motivates you to blog and what you get out of blogging.

    Here is the link: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/231228/women-bloggers

    Thanks in advance for your help. Feel free to contact me at gmmasull@syr.edu if you have any questions.

    Gina Chen
    Ph.D. student
    S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
    Syracuse University

  8. Thanks, Siri. I’d love to catch up — let me know when you’ll be in town with your son.

    Kathleen, I’m glad you found me and I hope you find something useful here.

  9. very helpful, and as a 12 yr. journalist still in the game, you are speaking directly to me, and Im listening.


  10. I just checked out your blog! It’s terrific! My daughter wrote on industry trends for DNR and my son is starting Columbia’s MBA program in the fall. We should talk!


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