Vision boards can take many forms

Artist Rick Midler hand painted a pair of pants for me, after interviewing me about what I love and what I’m passionate about. The design reflects my values.


7 tips for making friends at holiday parties

We’ve made friends with three couples after serendipitous conversations in bars. Two more who we were introduced to.
Apparently not everyone turns random meetings into real friendships, so this is what’s worked for us.

Try changing the story you tell yourself

What you believe about yourself affects what you think is possible for yourself.
For example, an elite athlete might feel their muscles pushed almost to the point of collapse and think, “I am reaching peak performance! This is what I excel at.” I might feel that same level of exertion and think, “I’m not sure I can do this, I’m afraid I’m going to hurt myself. I should ease up.”
One person might feel butterflies before public speaking and think, “I’m so nervous, this is terrible!” while I might feel the same adrenaline rush and think, “I’m so excited! I can’t wait to do this.”

I’m a blend of my mom and stepmom

In a few areas, it’s either-or — I love clothes and jewelry like Debbie and I take pride in my career like my mom — but I find the blends even more interesting. Like my mom, I value punctuality and find it rude when people are late, but like my stepmom, I get that life’s messy and some rules are meant to be broken.