Simplicity as Spiritual Practice: Declutter for Deep Personal Growth — Reblogged from Zen Habits

One of the magical things about decluttering is that it forces you to ask a wonderful question:
What is important to me in my life?
As you tackle a pile of clothes, a cluttered countertop, a shelf overflowing with books, there’s no way to get rid of clutter without answering that question.


Cutting back on drinking to lower my blood pressure

I have come to enjoy wine and craft cocktails, and we love the social aspect of our neighborhood bars, where we know people.
But it’s time to cut down on booze to try to get my blood pressure back where it belongs.

I’m a blend of my mom and stepmom

In a few areas, it’s either-or — I love clothes and jewelry like Debbie and I take pride in my career like my mom — but I find the blends even more interesting. Like my mom, I value punctuality and find it rude when people are late, but like my stepmom, I get that life’s messy and some rules are meant to be broken.